Real Estate

Brilliant Real Estate Management Program is one of the best real estate
management programs to manage all real estate activities of all their
transactions. It provides you with a comprehensive analysis and
systematic study which are required by the labor market of real estate
investment companies. Through Brilliant Real Estate Investment
Program, you will have a comprehensive vision on how to manage real
estate professionally, through the included features such as detailed
drawing of your real estate units and knowing the status of the unit,
whether reserved or leased or a unit under maintenance, in addition to
comprehensive follow-up of contracts and the movement of recording
data and accounts of landlords and tenants.

Real Estate

Comprehensive follow-up of contracts and their belongings with data
windows that help you track sales, purchase and rent processes and
making accounting transaction on the units starting from registering
an order, and up to owning the unit and making an ownership or rent
You can register the parties to the contract; the seller and buyer and
their respective eligibility to contracting, as well as registering the unit
data and all data related to the installments payment with more
accuracy and less time in printing any contract report in all its cases.


Through a set of process windows, you can easily deal with the
owner’s decisions in respect of their units, such as replacing one unit
with another, specifying the value difference in addition to the
possibility of waiving the unit

  1. Replace a unit with another one
  2. Assignment of unit to another owner
  3. Transfer indebtedness to the new owner

Landlords and Tenants

Brilliant Real Estate Investment Program offers the strongest coverage
of landlords and tenants’ data, through which you can record landlords’
data and their ownership rates in the property and their agent, in
addition to the ability to register the tenant with all their information, as
well as to calculate the agent’s commission, whether being percentage
or a specific amount

  1. Recording the tenant information
  2. Recording the landlord information
  3. Stating the agent for both Landlord and tenant
  4. Agent’s Commission
Real Estate


Brilliant Soft Maintenance Program is designed specifically to manage
the accounting and administrative works of maintenance centers with
professionalism and preciseness in order to meet all the requirements
of maintenance centers. Our program aims to automate management,
operation, control and customer service processes for all activities of
commercial companies and maintenance centers and to provide a
means that would enable the management at all levels to make the
right decision at the proper time
This system is designed to cover the requirements of maintenance
companies such as recording technicians’ information, customer order
data, recording repairs and making a special record of customers to
know previous visits as well as previous failures of devices and spare
parts consumed in the maintenance operations for each customer and
monitoring spare parts in stores

Real Estate