Brilliant for Contract Management

Brilliant for Contract Management is an integrated program to manage contracts concluded with customers, suppliers, or partners.  Contract management includes registering all the contract particulars, terms and duration, and the payment terms agreed upon therein; and following up the issuance of invoices and due payments agreed upon as set out in the contract.

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  • Entering the value of the contract
  • Setting out the start and end date of the contract and its duration
  • Entering the different contracting parties and setting out the different ratios of the parties
  • Setting out the terms of the contract and the value of each item.
  • Setting out the different terms of the contract according to the agreement concluded
  • The ability to add attachments to the contract which provides an archiving system for all documents related to the contract
  • Issuing purchase orders for the contract which could be sent to suppliers
  • Issuing different sales offers in respect of the target contract and sending them to the customer
  • Issuing the invoice through the contract window in an easy manner, as per the specified dates
  • Issuing payment bonds for invoices issued through the contract when payments are due under the contract
  • Custom printing of contracts as desired by the customer
  • Building a complete directory of customer history and data contained in a tree form
  • The credit limit and customer relationship to deductions and taxes
  • Build a complete guide for sales representatives and supervisors while determining how to calculate the representative’s commission.
  • A report of debt ages (invoices – accounts).
  • Adding taxes and deductions on invoices automatically or manually


  • Setting the powers of users according to their job roles
  • Closing current contracts as needed and getting a report on the contracts that have been closed
  • Reviewing the reports on various contracts whereas they would set out all the details entered from the contract values, the different periods, the parties to the contract and the invoices issued under the contract
  • Detailed reports of the value of the contract and the value of invoices issued under each contract, the paid therefrom and the outstanding, with a report of the due payments on each contract and the the remaining therefrom.