Through the Brilliant Point of Sale program, it becomes easier to follow up your business with minimal effort and less time, as more than one point of sale can be added with the possibility of linking between them. It is a POS program that contains also full support for all barcode systems and a complete protection system for your databases and maintenance of the same

Open more than one cashier screen at the same time
Dealing with visa, cash, bank transfers and the possibility of
making forward sale
Complete the sale without using the mouse
Control the powers given to a cashier
Search easily for items by hand typing
Find out the item’s balance during the sale
Control the discount rate provided to the customer
Selling using customer points
Using alternative items for the item to be sold
Screen shortcuts to facilitate the entry
Find out the customer’s balance during the sale
Using VAT
Full support for barcode reader and barcode scale


Barcode Features in Brilliant Soft

In order to facilitate buying and selling processes, most establishments
have trouble in printing barcodes for their items. They also want to put
the name of their establishment or any other data on the barcode sticker
and print a barcode for a range of items. DEXEF Accounts software
supports printing and designing barcode very easily with item barcode
printing in the barcode reading scale so that the price is included in the
invoice depending on the item’s weight and barcode