Brilliant Soft Company

Brilliant  Company was established in 2013 in (South Africa – Port Elizabeth) and recently opened a new  in (United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi) and ( Egypt _ Cairo – Mansoura).

It provides state-of-the-art programming solutions keeping up with the technological progress in software and telecommunications. It comes up with a set of programs which are commensurate with governmental institutions and private sector and connect all departments of an institution in terms of accounting and administrative aspects. Brilliant Soft makes the technology a saving-effort and time tool and the work more flexible.

Brilliant Soft’s Software depends on the state of the art programming technology. Brilliant Soft periodically and continuously upgrades the software to satisfy the clients’ needs and cope with any development in the State.


  • The Program includes a file compressing and backup options.

  • The Program includes an option for designing printed reports, barcode, and charts.

  • All categories of users can use the program which is easy-use and largely compatible with Microsoft Windows.